2021 - 2nd World CBH

2nd World CBH, Online-Congress in September 2021

The WCBH, jointly organized by the EBHA and the Business History Society of Japan, was planned to take place in Nagoya, Japan, in September 2020. Following extensive consultation with different stakeholders, the BHSJ and EBHA have decided to postpone the 2nd World Congress of Business History. The 2nd World Congress of Business History (online) took place on September 9-11, 2021.

For more information: 2nd World CBH 2021 Website

Basic Information

The congress is free of charge and open to all regardless of whether they are members of EBHA or BHSJ, however, pre-registration is required, including presenters, chairs and discussants. Please register in advance using this link

The congress will be held online via Zoom. Participants are not required to have a Zoom account and can participate as a guest, but in that case, please install the application version of Zoom on your PC or other devices before participating.
Instructions on how to participate in the conference, download the program, etc. will be provided on the conference website in due course.

Guidelines for Presenters:

This congress will be held online and the presentation time per paper will be shorter than at conventional EBHA and BHSJ events. In order to make effective use of the limited time and to stimulate discussion, the following rules have been established. Presenters should read the following carefully and be sure to comply.

Congress Schedule:
The congress will take place on 9-11 Sept. 2021.
Individual panel sessions will be held on 10-11 Sept. 2021 between 13:00-17:00 Central European Time (20:00-24:00 Japan Time). (subject to change)
Keynote and special sessions are to be scheduled.
Individual sessions are scheduled for 55 minutes (followed by a 5-minute break). In a 4-paper session each speaker has 7 minutes; in a 3-paper session each speaker has 9 minutes. Discussants will be assigned to each session (unless they already have one) and their comments should be kept to 8 minutes. The remaining time will be used for presenters’ responses and general discussion.

Prior to the congress:
Please upload a full or draft paper to the congress website by August 20, 2021 (further details to follow).
If you are unable to submit a full or draft paper, please submit an extended abstract or your presentation slides by the same deadline.
Please upload your documents as a PDF. Uploads of extended abstracts or full/draft paper should range between 2,000 and 12,000 words including references, appendix etc. In the case of a full paper, please include an abstract of no more than 200 words at the beginning.
Uploaded materials can be viewed and downloaded from the congress website by registered participants between August 20 and September 20.
The Call for Papers
is now closed.

Please direct your questions and inquiries to the Congress contact email: ProgramCommittee@worldbhc.org.

More information can bei found here: Nagoya 2021 Congress Homepage

The Team for Tokyo 2021, 2nd World Congress of Business History

Local Organizer

Program Committee

Minoru Sawai (Nanzan University)
Takeo Kikkawa (Tokyo University of Science)
Hideaki Miyajima (Waseda University)
Gakuya Hirai (Dokkyo University)
Takafumi Kurosawa (Kyoto University)
Yuki Nakajima (Nanzan University)
Takashi Shimizu (The University of Tokyo)
Pierre-Yves Donze (EBHA)
Andrea Lluch (Latin America)
Andrea H. Schneider (GUG)
Takashi Shimizu (JSBH)
Teresa de Silva-Lopez (BHC)