The Initiative Group

The Initiative Group is a loose network of individuals who represent a particular professional association, a specific region, or some other constituency. It will be replaced by the WCBH Committee.

The Initiative Group wants to represent a variety of colleagues. There is no election to this group. Colleagues can be nominated and the group is happy to integrate individuals who support the idea of organizing a world congress and are willing to help the preparation for such a congress by spreading call for papers, crafting programs, collecting funds. The Initiative Group will hand over this activities to the WCBH Committee once it is established.

WCBH Committee 2023

After one conference and two successful congresses, the WCBH is to be continued permanently. To this end, the representatives of the initiative group have developed a governance structure with the organisations EBHA, BHC and BHSJ. In the future, the initiative group will be replaced by the WCBH Committee, which will be established according to these rules (see
) and will implement the preparations for the congress.

The Initiative Group, Paris 2012


Affiliation/function at the time

Abe Takeshi, Japan
Colli Andrea, Italy
Carlos Aurelio Davila, Colombia
Patrick Fridenson, France
Takeo Kikkawa, Japan
Andrea Lluch , Argentina

Andrea H. Schneider, Germany
Harm Schröter, Norway
Martin Shanahan, Australia
Ray Stokes, UK
Grietjie Verhoef, South-Africa
Inman Yeo, Korea
(Business History Society of Japan, past President BHSJ)
(Università commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Secretary and Treasurer EBHA)
(Universidad de los Andes Professor)
(Secretary General of the French Business History Association)
(Business History Society of Japan, President BHSJ)
(National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET)/ President of the Argentinean Economic History Association)
(Managing Director GUG/Vice-President EBHA)
(University of Bergen, past President EBHA)
(University of South Australia)
(University of Glasgow , Center for Business History in Scotland/President EBHA)
(University of Johannesburg, President of International Economic History Association)
(Gangneung-Wonju National University)

Co-Opted for Frankfurt Meeting, 2014

Co-Opted for Bergen Meeting, 2016

Andrew Godley, GB (University of Reading)
Stephen Mihm, USA (University of Georgia)
Simon Mowatt, Newzealand (University of Auckland)
Chris Kobrak, Canada (Rottman School of Business, Toronto)

Co-Opted for Tokyo Meeting, 2020

The Preparation Team for Tokyo (Vienna meeting)

Ludovic Cailluet, France, President EBHA
Mary O'Sullivan, Switzerland, President BHC
Ludovic Cailluet, France, (President EBHA)
Takeo Kikkawa, Japan, (past President BHSJ)
Andrea Lluch, Argentina, (CONICET/President of the AEHA)
Stephen Mihm, USA (President BHC)
Mary O'Sullivan, Switzerland, (University of Geneva)
Minoru Sawai, Japan. (President BHSJ)
Andrea Schneider, Germany,(GUG, past President EBHA)
Harm Schröter, Norway, (past President EBHA)
Takashi Shimizu, Japan, (University of Tokyo)
Grietje Verhoef, South-Afric, (past President of IEHA)