Call for Papers

Call for Papers

2nd World Congress on Business History - 24th Congress of the European Business History Association - “Business History in a Changing World”

Reflecting the ever-changing world of business, the discipline of Business History has been far from static. In recent decades there has been a dramatic diversification in both research topics and methods following on from the now classic works of Chandler et al. The emergence of research relating to alternative historical approaches and organizational science, and those which incorporate quantitative methods and/or embraces the “cultural turn”; the institutionalization of Business History research with the establishment of academic societies and academic journals; the internationalization of the field, etc., are all encouraging trends in the evidence of a vibrant research field. The program committee thus welcomes papers/panels from postgraduate, early career and established scholars on a wide-range of topics and various dimensions of “Business History in a Changing World” these include, but are not limited to:

● Competitiveness and its determinants
● The role of local and central government in economic change
● The role of family, small- and medium-sized firms and industrial clusters in the revitalization of economies
● Changing cultures of capital and finance and their impact on companies and stakeholders
● Skills formation, technical training and labour in local and international business
● The impact of information technology and artificial intelligence
● Radical technological innovation and incremental improvement.
● Business portfolios and organizational forms across time and space
● The causes and consequences of domestic/cross-border M&A
● Nationalization and privatization in historical perspective
● The relationship between capital markets and business
● Varieties of corporate governance
● The evolution of monitoring systems and incentive schemes (ownership, board and compensation schemes)
● Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Social Governance in business history
● Methodology and disciplinary bases of business history
● Historiography of business history

Papers with other foci, however, will also be considered.
The organizers also welcome submissions with alternative formats, such as workshops, roundtable debates/discussions, and poster presentations. In such cases, submissions should be sent directly to the organizers.
The EBHA best dissertation prize will be organized during the congress
Submission Formats
There are three typical submission formats:
1. Single paper submissions from which the program committee arranges panels.
2. Session proposals submissions consisting of 3-5 papers on a specific theme suggested by the applicants themselves.
3. Tracks of more than one session (up to three sessions—over the course of one afternoon)

Alternative formats might include, for example:
● Workshops—groups of scholars who want to use the opportunity of the congress to meet and discuss publications or specific themes. (Note: All materials to be discussed during individual workshops must be uploaded to the conference website at least three weeks before the congress.)
● Roundtable discussions on the state of the field and selected aspects of business history.
● Debates on new research agendas and new approaches to teaching “business history.”

The deadline for proposals is January 15, 2020
Please use the congress upload platform

The CfP can be downloaded here
CfP_WCBH2020_Nanzan Nagoya final

Local organizer: Minoru Sawai (Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan), President of the Business History Society of Japan

Program Committee:
Pierre-Yves Donzé (EBHA)
Andrea Lluch (AEHA)
Andrea H. Schneider (GUG)
Takashi Shimizu (BHSJ)
Teresa de Silva-Lopez (BHC)

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